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Truly the original American slot machine has become synonymous with the world of casino gambling over the last century. While table games and video poker have been in the doldrums for years – becoming less popular with players for a while before re-emerging as a popular new gambling fad – online slots have always remained steady.

When the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) announced its statewide casino win totals for 2018, those slots generated $3.1 billion in revenue. That figure dwarfed the closest blackjack competitor ($1.2 billion) and even surpassed the combined revenue of blackjack, baccarat ($1.1 billion), craps ($393.5 million) and roulette ($367.3 million).

The dominance of slots is not limited to land-based casinos either. When you visit the website of any of the top online casino platforms serving players worldwide, you’ll find a 10-to-1 ratio of slot games to table games and other offerings. major online casino operators boast hundreds of different slot games, each offering players a unique combination of themes, bonus features and progressive jackpot payouts.

Online slots are the ultimate game of chance, rewarding players randomly over a short period of time. You can’t improve the odds on a single spin, but in the long run, savvy slot enthusiasts can definitely use their knowledge of the game to take it to the next level over the average Sin City visitor. Slot Betting.

I want you to take advantage of the five resources listed below that every slot player should know. By utilizing these valuable tools of the trade, every gambler can protect themselves from the many pitfalls of the online slots industry. More importantly, these resources can make it more likely that Pnxbet Philippines online casino slot players will score high when the stars and reels line up just right.

1 – Strategy guide for land-based and online slot games

The concept of online slot machine strategy may sound poorly worded, mainly because spinning the reels randomly without making any decisions that affect their outcome is what gamblers call a game of chance. But just as roulette players can use savvy game selection to increase their odds in another game of chance, slot fans have a variety of strategic avenues at their disposal.

Don’t take my word for it, though. There are legitimate slot strategies based on comparing payback percentages to bet the best odds, managing your money to prevent short-term streaks from bankrupting you, and making player club point systems and similar promotions work for you.

2 – National progressive jackpot tracker for IGT’s most popular slots

Ask any living online slot player what their ultimate goal is for all those spins and you’ll inevitably hear many different versions of the same basic dream – “I’m trying to beat the odds and win the jackpot.” The potential to turn a few coins into a fortune for a lifetime is what sets online slots apart from all other casino games.

But the sky really is the limit when you play online slots that are connected to a wide area progressive jackpot network. I’m not talking about thousands of dollars either – although those wins are not to be underestimated – but huge eight-figure jackpots like the $13.1 million Megabucks won in April 2019. After depositing just $40 and betting $3 per spin for the top prize of Megabucks, an anonymous player at Sunset Station in suburban Las Vegas fulfilled every slot spinner’s dream.

3 – Microgaming multi-million dollar “Mega Moolah” slot progressive jackpot tracker

Huge multi-million dollar jackpots are not the exclusive domain of land-based casinos. Many of the best online casinos today are connected to the Microgaming software suite, which contains hundreds of differently designed slot games and a very unique product – Mega Moolah.

The Mega Moolah progressive jackpot network covers all Microgaming-compatible online casinos, generating prizes comparable to Megabucks. After being seeded with $1 million, the Mega Moolah jackpot can climb to epic proportions, including the Guinness World Record certified iGaming industry high water mark of over 18.9 million KRW in September 2018.

4 – A comprehensive survey of Sin City and Atlantic City slot machine returns

An old argument about Sin City slots suggests that playing on the Las Vegas Strip is a sub-optimal game. As a rule, casinos can afford to promote low-income machines in an exclusive market where 40 million gamblers gather each year. Either way, players will show up, so corporate operators like MGM and Caesars choose to spread a higher density of low-return games.

Conversely, the “Off-Strip” casinos in Downtown, Boulder City and North Las Vegas must compete to attract gamblers. To make themselves more attractive, these smaller venues tend to spread high-revenue machines, giving locals and hardcore players a reason to drive. The difference between Strip and Off-Strip slots has always been a matter of debate, but using the annual slot machine payback percentage survey compiled by the NGCB, the numbers don’t lie.

In every coin denomination, from penny slots to Megabucks, players are better served by escaping the Las Vegas Strip. Boulder City seems to be the best place to play, followed by North Vegas and Downtown, but these three options are always preferable to America’s most famous tourist trap.


The basic keno resources listed above are designed to make the most of a bad situation. The casino edge of this game of chance will never match that of skill-based games like blackjack and video poker – except for the rare progressive jackpots that climb into seven figures – but that’s okay.

Gamblers who enjoy playing Pnxbet online casinos in the Philippines have their own reasons for backing big stakes, but by applying simple old common sense, you can avoid the game’s main pitfalls and give yourself a chance against the dreaded house.

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