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Philippines online identification of different types of real money slots

Pnxbet online casino in the Philippines has a wide variety of online slot machines from all over the world for the entertainment of various online players.

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Old-fashioned slot machines

Old-fashioned slot machines are considered a love letter to the golden age of Las Vegas. It was the era of disco, the debut of the MGM Grand, the headliners of Elvis Presley, and the era of mechanical slot machines. While the older slots are all about capitalizing on the nostalgia of the era with their game play and themes, they still offer significant opportunities to make huge cash outlays.

A great example of a classic slot theme is Double Diamond from IGT, which is a 3 reel and one payline game. The slot makes use of classic slot symbols such as BARS, 7 ♠, and fruits. Its main feature is the double diamond symbol. When you match symbols with a double diamond, you get a 2X bet multiplier. Matching two double diamond symbols gives you a 4x bet multiplier.

Modern Slot Machines

Modern slots are a huge variety of 5-reel, 6-reel and even 7-reel games that can be found in almost every online casino. These titles have a variety of game features, such as stay-in-place or expand to cover entire columns or even hundreds of symbols that cover both features at the same time.

Famous examples of modern slots include Chilli Gold from Amaya, which has five reels and 40 adjustable paylines. This Mexican-themed slot has a free spins mode that offers players 21 free spins and stacks of Chilli Gold peplum symbols.

Progressive Slot Machine

Progressive slots are often referred to as progressive jackpot slots. Unlike regular slots that don’t go up in value, these progressive jackpots can be worth millions of dollars at a time. It then slowly rises as more people play the slot. This is the type of slot machine where people win the jackpot or walk home with a small fortune.

One of the most popular progressive slots in any online casino is Mega Moolah, and if the name sounds familiar, it’s because this game can offer a huge jackpot to a lucky winner. One such winner was British soldier Jonathan Heywood, who won €13.2 million by playing a progressive slot machine.

Skill games slot machines

The difference between skill-based games and other games is that the player has full control over all or part of the game. This is called interaction. In traditional online slots, the outcome of a player’s bet is determined by a random number generator (PRNG). Other than certain bonus features, the only way to interact with a slot machine is to spin the reels and change the wager.

Inspired Gaming’s Space Invaders is a good example of a skill-based game. Its base game is just like a regular 5-reel slot game. When you trigger the bonus feature when you match three Gold Token symbols, you have the opportunity to enter the skill game section similar to the classic Space Invaders game. Your payout depends on how much you can score in a limited number of lives.

3D Slot Machines

3D slots are online slots with visual effects and other elements that appear to be three dimensional. There are also 3D animated avatars and transitions animations. In addition to the visuals, 3D slots offer the same features as modern slots, such as free spins, bonus minigames and hundreds of matching symbols.

When it comes to 3D slots, no one does it better than Betsoft, as they have been focusing on these games for several years now. One of their popular games is Gears of Time, which is a 5×5 reel structure with a cluster payout feature. Cluster payout is an interesting feature where you can match adjacent symbols to clear them from the reels, which allows you to match more symbols through its re-spin-like mechanism.

Megaways Slot Machines

Megaways slot machine reels can change shape and number of rows per spin, thus increasing the number of ways to win per spin. Thus, the first reel may have seven lines of symbols, the second reel can have only three lines, the third reel can have six lines, the fourth reel can have six symbols, the fifth reel can have four symbols and the sixth reel can have five symbols. With the huge Megaways, the reels bring huge expenses.

Divine Fortune MegaWays from NetEnt is a good example of Megaways slots. This slot features the powerful Pegasus symbol with sticky, moving and expanding features. When a Pegasus appears, it stays on the reels for subsequent reels and moves down one space with each spin. When a match is created with another Pegasus symbol, the original peplum symbol expands to cover the entire column. This expanded symbol also remains on the reels and moves down one space per rotation.


The aforementioned online slots are among the most popular at Pnxbet Philippines online casinos, so why not sign up and start playing at Pnxbet Philippines online casinos where you can not only have fun but also have the chance to take home the jackpot.

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