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You will find plenty of pages and posts on the Internet that claim to improve the chances of winning at online slots. The reality is that most of the advice you read is nonsense. This article is intended to be different. I’m going to offer some cold, factual advice for those of you who insist on playing online slots.

However, please realize up front that playing online slots is essentially a losing proposition. The math behind the game almost entirely guarantees that you will lose more than you win over a long period of time. However, there are a few things you can do if you want to improve your chances of winning online slots.

Start from the player forum

I assume that you already understand how the casino advantages and payoffs of Pnxbet online slots in the Philippines work. Therefore, the natural starting point for winning at online slots is to seek advice on which online slot games to play.

The best way to do this is to read actual player reports on forums dedicated to these topics. You will only find a fraction of these, but the players talking about the games will take what happens to them seriously. They will tell you which games to play and which ones to avoid. It is easy to find out if you are aware that this will happen.

Try playing the most obscure games

The only way to increase your chances of winning at online slots at Pnxbet online casinos in the Philippines is to choose the game with the highest payout percentage. Most online casinos do not provide this information. How do you know which games to play? The next few tips in this article have to do with choosing the right games. The trick is to avoid the games with the worst payouts.

I recommend avoiding any games that have a license associated with them. For example, if you see a slot machine featuring a TV show like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, you should skip it. Where do you think the money comes from? Directly or indirectly, it is taken from the percentage of returns of the slot game in question. If you stick to games you have never heard of, you will immediately eliminate some of the less rewarding games.

Skip the progressive jackpot game altogether

Avoiding progressive bonus slots is a standard recommendation that most people have heard before. However, it bears repeating. You probably already understand that progressive online slot games have progressive jackpots that steadily increase over time until the jackpot is won. But think about where the money that “fuels” the jackpot comes from. Obviously, it comes from the money invested through the game. If the progressive jackpot game requires 1% of each bet to fuel the progressive jackpot, then the return will be 1% lower than it would otherwise be.

What most writers miss, however, is how infrequently you win, which also reduces your effective return. The payback percentage of the game assumes that you click on all possible combinations and get paid. The percentage of money you have left after doing so is the game’s payoff percentage. When the highest payoff of a game is larger, the payback percentage of that game will be lower until it is hit.

When you play one of these progressive jackpot slots, such as Major Millions, which is a game where your odds of winning are similar to the odds of being struck by lightning, you may never win. If this is a jackpot that you may never win, then the payback on that game may be 3% or 4% lower than it actually is.

The opposite of a progressive slot is a flat top slot. The “jackpot” in this expression refers to the jackpot in the game. This varies from game to game, but it is “flat” because it does not change. Very often, the maximum jackpot for slot games is 1000 coins.

Play for the highest and/or lowest stakes you can afford

I like it when I can give conflicting advice, and it’s still good advice. Minimum wager online slot games can be played for free. It is impossible to lose money on free virtual money slots. Of course, you can’t win at such games either, but I would suggest that – when dealing with games where players have ridiculous expectations of slots – it’s just as good not to lose as it is to win.

You should stick to the highest denomination slot games you can afford. This is because, in general, higher denomination slot games are programmed to have a higher return on investment. A higher ROI usually leads to a better chance of winning. But not always.

Track and measure the actual return to players for each game you play at each casino

I always advise gamblers to keep a careful record. This is antithetical to the lifestyle of many gamblers, but it is still important. If you are playing Pnxbet Philippines online slots, you should keep track of your actual results and return them to the player from the game. This is easier than you might think. You start by recording the number of points you have in the game at the beginning of the session. Then you keep track of how many spins you made and how much you wagered per spin.

You can use it to compare one game to another over time to see which games seem to pay off the most for players. The only thing to be aware of is the assumption that short-term results are equivalent to long-term probabilities.

Until you have completed hundreds of spins on an online slot machine, you cannot accurately estimate the machine’s payback percentage. Even so, if you hit the jackpot several times in a row, that will put a big dent in your math problem. But some data is better than no data at all.

View records related to volatility and hit frequency

What many online slot players overlook is the frequency and volatility of the game’s clicks. I already touched on this in my discussion of progressive slots, but the concept applies to flat games as well. Volatility simply refers to the fluctuation of your money. Games with low volatility win less often, while games with high volatility win less often and have higher bonuses.

In extreme cases, you could theoretically have 2 online slot games with the same 90% return, but the volatility could be at both ends of the scale. The highest volatility version of the game may have a 1 in 1000 chance of winning a 900-coin progressive jackpot with no other prizes.

The lowest volatility version of the game may have a 100% chance of winning 90 cents in dollars on every coin wagered. I’m using these examples for illustrative purposes only – the game you play will always fluctuate between these numbers.


If you are determined to play online slots, then trying to improve your odds of winning online slots is a worthwhile goal. Of course, the best financial advice is not to play online slots. All casino games are negative expectation games, but online slots combine this negative expectation with a fast pace of play that virtually ensures that you lose more money per hour than any other gambling game.

In other words, you’d be better off playing blackjack, craps, roulette or video poker. The advantage of online slots in these games, however, is the size of the potential progressive jackpot. Most people who enjoy slots are addicted to the idea of getting a huge bonus. I won $200 in a slot game at a brick-and-mortar casino this weekend, so I get it.

So if you are going to go against sound financial advice and keep playing, please at least use the methods provided in this article to try to improve your chances of winning.

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