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RTP rates are usually determined by the creator of the game, not by the casino itself. RTP rates are usually determined by the game studios and not by the casinos themselves. But RTP ranges are changing the way RTPs are set up. Casinos now have more control over RTPs than ever before, as long as they stay within the ranges set by the game developers.

Return to Player (RTP) is an important statistic for casino players because it affects long-term profits and strategy. Imagine if an online casino was worried about pulling the rug out from under their customers by changing the RTP of their online slots. In this article, we will cover the ability of operators to change the RTP of their online slots to help you understand if this is illegal and to what extent online casinos can control their online slot games.

Philippine Online Casino Slots RTP Explained

Return to Player (RTP) is a statistical prediction of how much money you will win back after a few spins. Statistically speaking, if you put $100 worth of bets on an online slot with an RTP of 97%, you will probably get $97 back after a few spins.

RTP range rise

While new Philippine Pnxbet online casino players or casual visitors are only interested in jackpots or high stakes, regular customers are more interested in the RTP of online slots. High stakes and advantage players are looking for long-term returns, which involves growing their money steadily through more than 1,000 spins. Information is vital for players looking for long-term returns. Such information includes the RTP, variance and hit frequency of online slots.

The variance is the risk to reward percentage of the game, where high rates result in a small number of wins and a high payout, while low rates result in a large number of wins and a low payout. Hit frequency is the percentage of wins you can get by spinning the reels a certain number of times. As you see, it’s all about the mathematical model of online slot developers.

With the help of RTP and other important mathematical statistics, players can find out in which online slot games they have the best advantage over the dealer. This also allows experienced patrons to avoid casino gimmicks or slots designed to extract as much money as possible from customers.

Can Philippine online casino operators change the RTP of slot machines?

Some operators are able to change the RTP of their online slots. this includes slot cabinets in land-based casinos and online casino software in gambling sites. Slot cabinets have EPROM chips that allow the operator to set the game’s RTP. adjusting the EPROM chip changes the slot machine payout to match the operator’s set RTP. the chip is responsible for the game’s random number generator (RNG) algorithm, which determines whether you win or lose.

Online casino operators can only change the RTP if the slot game developer’s built-in options allow them to do so. Play’n Go games provide operators with multiple versions of the game with different RTPs, which is why you can find 96% RTP on one site and 95% on another for 7 Sins slots. Operators can choose the version of Play’n Go slots with an RTP that meets their business goals. Please note that this option is not available for other online slots.

Slot game providers such as Microgaming only offer slots with a fixed RTP, which are more predictable and easier to reason with.

Can online casinos in the Philippines hide the true RTP of their games?

Operators are not obligated to display the RTPs of their online casino slots or other games. however, licensed online casinos are required by law to be transparent about the fairness of their games. If an operator’s online games have a different RTP than the one advertised on their website, they are likely to run into trouble with the regulatory office. This is why most online gambling sites and cryptocurrency casinos do not display the RTPs of their games.

Why would an online casino change its RTP for gaming?

Online casino operators are concerned about the profitability of their gambling sites, especially in established markets such as the UK or newer Filipino online casino sites (for example, Pnxbet Philippines online slots sites). One of the available options to ensure that their revenue is sufficient to cover their monthly overhead is to change the RTP of their slots to support the house.

What are the risks of changing the online slot machine RTP?

Operators risk losing customers if they change the online slots RTP to reduce the player advantage. High rollers and advantage players, who make up a large portion of online casino revenue, are less likely to play at online gambling sites if they have information that they have changed the RTP of their games.

Land-based and online casino operators can change the RTP of their games if the option is available. however, if operators lower the RTP of their games too much, they run the risk of losing a large player base that is tired of never winning anything. While online casinos are able to change the theoretical RTP of their games, it is important to remember that this number is only a long-term average. In the short term, the actual spending on a game can vary significantly from the theoretical RTP.

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