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Filipino online slot machine tips

It is wise to combine your knowledge of spreads and volatility with basic online slot machine skills. A universal strategy can improve your chances of making a profit playing Pnxbet online casino slots in the Philippines. At the very least, you can minimize the amount of money lost through proper strategies. Keep the following tips in mind to give yourself a fighting chance at online slots.

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Find online slots with high RTP

The return to the player determines how much the online slot machine will pay in the long run. For example: Theoretically, a slot machine with an RTP of 96% will return $0.96 for every $1 wagered. I emphasize the word “theoretically” here because slots do not offer such a clean payout distribution. Much of this has to do with volatility and variance, which are both quite high in slots.

However, when this information is available, you should always consider RTP. most online slots have publicly listed payout percentages that allow you to really see the chances of winning. Unfortunately, land-based slots do not offer the same luxury. Instead, you must get rid of the vague RTPs based on coin denominations. Here is a loose guide on how much each coin denomination pays.

  • Penny Slot = 88% to 91% RTP
  • Nickel Slot = 92% to 94%
  • Quarter Slot = 94% to 95%
  • Dollar Slot = 95% to 96%
  • 5 dollar slots = 96% to 98%

Long story short, a higher RTP means you have a better chance of winning. While volatility may affect your real income, it is always worth using payout percentages as a strategic tool.

Understanding the rules of the game

Over the years, I have talked to many new Pnxbet online slot players who were confused about how the betting process worked. They would insert $20 into a penny slot machine and be surprised when the money was spent in five minutes. This is the place to learn the rules behind the slots. You want to thoroughly understand the betting options and other rules.

Today, many land-based and online slots require you to play all available lines. For example, if you are on a 30 line slot machine, then the minimum bet might be $0.30. You should also check the help/information screen to understand how the bonus feature works. This is especially useful when you need to know specific instructions for playing the bonus round.

Looking at the information screens is not what anyone would consider a good time, but spending a few minutes here will help you make the right bet size and have a better overall time on the online slots.

Develop a fund management plan

Most online slot players enter a session without a managed money plan. The same gamblers risk losing their money faster and possibly tapping into the funds they need to pay their bills. Taking a little time to develop a money management plan can help prevent these problems. The process is also not as intimidating as it sounds.

You can start by considering how much money you can easily lose using online slots. Obviously, the goal is to win, but you must also be realistic about the possibility of losing money. The next step is to calculate the losses per hour. Most online slots have bets between 200 and 300 per hour – at least until you win the jackpot. Here is a sample money management plan.

  • You have $1,000 to play with
  • You place a $0.25 bet
  • 1,000 / 0.25 = 4,000 betting units
  • You are playing an unstable slot machine
  • You expect to lose 300 units per hour
  • 4,000 / 300 = 13.33 hours
  • Your money will theoretically last for 13.33 hours

With stop loss limit

You may want to get as much out of your money as possible, but this can be difficult to do when you don’t have a stop-loss limit set. A stop-loss limit is a specific amount of loss that will convince you to stop playing. For example, if your limit is $150, then you will quit the session as soon as you give up this amount. The purpose of a stop loss is to save your gambling money for a few sessions or more. Here is an example.

  • You have $400 in funds
  • You want it to last at least four sessions
  • 400 / 4 = $100
  • Your stop loss should be $100 or less

Setting stop-loss limits is a personal matter and depends on your specific goals. Consider how many sessions you want your money to last and use it to determine your stop loss point.

Join the Online Slots Club

The beauty of playing online slots at Pnxbet online casinos in the Philippines is that you don’t have to do anything special to join the bonus program. Once you start betting for real money, you can also visit their website to see if there is a way to sign up online. In either case, you will want to identify and join the program in order to get a slot club card. Once you insert one of these cards into a slot machine, your wagers and rewards will be tracked. Depending on your play, you can expect plenty of great value offers or cash back.


Some online slots actually offer volatility ratings, which provides you with an easy way to judge how inconsistent they are. However, most do not, which means you need to look at jackpot size, bonus features and the number of small payouts to make a judgement.

I don’t know of any online slots with variance ratings. Therefore, you can only use the same volatility factors to predict variance. These concepts are worth knowing because they can help you choose the right slot for your money. For example, low volatility slots give you a better chance of surviving with a small amount of money.

Of course, you will also want to keep in mind the basic slot machine tips. Finding games with high RTP, joining slot clubs, and developing a money management plan can all pay off. Combining an in-depth knowledge of variance and volatility with these tips will increase your chances of winning and choosing the right game for you.

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