2022 Should you use autoplay in online slot game?


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The autoplay feature is fun. You’re actually telling the computer to play for your money. I have tried some autoplay games in the past and realized that they are not exactly the same. I have seen autoplay options in online roulette games, but mainly in slot games. My first experience with autoplay was on a slot machine in a land-based casino.

There are definitely some pros and cons to activating autoplay on slot games. One of the pros is that you don’t have to sit there and repeatedly hit the “spin” button. The game becomes more of a spectator experience. One of the disadvantages is that if you are on a losing streak, the game will drain your balance faster.

A few years ago, I ran into an online discussion where someone asked if using autoplay was against the casino rules. I think that person confused in-game autoplay (a built-in feature) with software that a player might run that allows slot games to keep spinning without pressing a button.

As you can see, there are many misconceptions about autoplay and how it affects the game play of slots. After reading this page, you will learn more about whether you should use this feature.

Why would anyone want to use autoplay?

Even the best Philippine Pnxbet online casinos prohibit the use of player-side autoplay software to protect their games and themselves from unfair play. This makes sense. If there is a way to cheat the game, someone will try to do it.

In-game autoplay is a safe way to keep the game spinning. And I’d rather trust that feature over some banned software. When I test the playability of a new online slot game, I click all the buttons, which include autoplay. Anyone should do this before deciding if they want to actually play the game.

Autoplay also allows you to take a call or perform some other brief task while the game continues. If you’re ahead or not losing too badly, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Some autoplay features are better than others

I like games that allow you to set an auto-play stop-loss limit. If your balance drops quickly, you will need to slow down the game. Every autoplay feature I tested had some sort of limit on spins. The most autoplay I tried ran for 100 spins. Many of them were set to 10 or 25 spins.

I tested a few games that used the drop down box to select the number of spins. They offer a minimum of 5 spins and a maximum of 100 spins. I don’t see the point of doing 5 spins, but I guess it makes sense for people with less balance. Every autoplay feature I have tested allows me to stop spinning at any time.

Other disadvantages of using autoplay in slot games

If you are curious about the random message that the slot game displays at the end of a spin, the autoplay may start the next spin before you finish reading the message. Most of these messages only report how much you have won. I have played some games where the messages were meaninglessly encouraging.

Players may be distracted when setting up autoplay. If you don’t want to activate 25 spins at max bet, you may burn through a lot of money before you realize your mistake. It doesn’t matter if your balance doesn’t drop, but the first time I used autoplay at a land-based casino, I lost half my points before I knew what I had done.

Other advantages of using autoplay in slot games

Unlike roulette, you rarely want to change your bets in online slots. People like to test different betting strategies in roulette. There is almost no way to do this in slots, except to change the bet per spin, which some gamblers consider to be a good strategy for online slot games.

Autoplay offers you to place your bets continuously. It’s the same as pressing “spin” repeatedly yourself, but if you accidentally touch the keyboard, Autoplay will ignore you or stop. In fact, I inadvertently played “Max Bet”. If you like to listen to the soundtrack while the reels are spinning, the autoplay feature allows you to have an almost seamless experience in some slot games. I really don’t like the soundtracks of most slot games.

Will autoplay stay active during bonus rounds?

It depends on the design of the game. I’ve seen it work both ways. In older games, the bonus rounds are just free spins and some of the autoplay features continue. However, if the game requires a click to start the free spins, the autoplay will stop.

There aren’t any specific statistics, but in my experience, most autoplay features stop during the bonus round. In any case, if the bonus round is in addition to the free spins, they have to do the same. I always see autoplay stop in games that award a random number of free spins.

Should you drop autoplay in land-based casinos?

If you are using autoplay on a slot machine in a brick-and-mortar casino, you can theoretically take a break. But there’s nothing to stop someone else from interrupting autoplay and taking your money. You should never leave your property or your credit unattended at a land-based casino. The casino will not be responsible for any losses.

On the other hand, if you have a friend sitting next to you and you would like to leave the slot game to play for your credits, you can do so. As long as your friend doesn’t let anyone else take the machine, there should be no problem. For the same reason, you should be able to run autoplay on more than one slot game at a time. If the casino is overcrowded, you will be asked to drop all games and play only one game. Some casinos may prohibit this practice, but I have never seen any notice of it.


I’ve seen a lot of questions about autoplay. I think most of them either come from people who are overly anxious about the possibility of casinos cheating them, or from people who want to find a system that beats slot machine play. The truth is that there is no system that will improve your chances of winning at a slot machine. Using the autoplay feature does not change the way the machine works. It will not switch to another algorithm.

As far as the casino is concerned, you are welcome to risk losing all the money you want. They are happy to pay any legitimate bonus and take as much of your money as possible. Players have their own reasons for using or not trusting autoplay. For me, it’s just another feature of the game that I can control. If I’m not sure I’m ready to leave the game, I’ll set it to autoplay.

Pnxbet Philippines online casino slots offer autoplay for you to use or not, and it is certainly up to you to decide.

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