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Why smart players play online baccarat

Are you at a Philippine online casino just for fun or are you serious about winning money there? Either way, it is important that you play a game that offers you the greatest “odds” of success. Let’s think about the important question, which is “Why is online baccarat the most fun online casino game”?

Why do we focus on online baccarat and not…? . Says. . . craps, roulette, or even the ever-popular blackjack? When you know what your main goal at the casino should be, there are several good reasons to choose online baccarat over all other casino games. You are not at an online casino to have fun or just to pass the time. You are there for one reason only – to make money – period!

If you are not familiar with online baccarat, here is some information about the game that you may not know.

First of all, Pnxbet online casino baccarat is now available for all players with a lot or a little money. Contrary to popular belief, online baccarat is not just a “big bet” game.

Secondly, the rules are very simple. They are fixed and the results are never influenced by other players or dealers. (If you are a blackjack player, you know what this can mean for the outcome of your bets.)

Does this mean you can’t make money with other games? No, it can be done, but why not give yourself every possible advantage and edge in an online casino? Here are the main reasons why we think online baccarat is the choice of serious and educated gamblers.

Five reasons why online baccarat is the best game for casino profits

1. The spread or “range” of bets from the lowest table to the highest table is the best in online baccarat. In some casinos, the spread is 1-1000, which means you can bet from the lowest $15 table all the way to the highest $15,000 table! Try to find that spread at a blackjack table. Even if you can find it, you will attract a lot of casino “heat” from the staff because they will think you are a card counter when your betting spread is well over 1-3.

2. When playing online baccarat you stay seated, unlike at Citi craps where you have to stand all the time to play. Yes, you do sit at the roulette and blackjack tables, but you should bet on almost every decision, which will give you a very significant disadvantage. Remember, our goal is to play to the maximum player advantage.

3. House Advantage …… This is always a fight against your chances of winning. If you can find a popular blackjack game with good penetration and a top-notch poker game, you may have a 1-1.5% real advantage over the casino in the long run.

If you have a large enough bankroll, the patience of a saint and are not banned, you can play blackjack very well. Craps is the next game where the casino advantage is slightly less than -1.5% (-1.41 to play through the line, -1.40 to play no pass). Roulette has a casino edge as high as -5.26%, almost five times as low as the -1.06% casino edge for online baccarat. pnxbet has the lowest casino edge for online baccarat at 1.06%.

4. Turnover is another important consideration. How many decisions can we bet on in a given time period (e.g. one hour)?

Bullshit decisions come very irregularly. Decisions (pass/fail) can happen every 20 seconds to almost every 30 minutes when the hot shooter is holding the dice. Roulette decisions can take up to 5 minutes between spins if the table is full and the dealer must sort the chips himself.

Online baccarat is perfect for players who want to get the maximum number of decisions per hour within an even interval of about 45 seconds to 1 minute on average. And, you can control the “pace” of decisions in most games by making small token bets for the dealer – they will like you to do this and will wait for you, hoping you will bet for them too. You can also ask them to slow down because you need more time. They are usually very helpful.

5. For you veteran blackjack players. Despite spending countless hours practicing your card counting. . How many times have you lost 2-3-4-5-6 or more consecutive decisions at the table to a very lucky dealer who kept beating you with blackjack, 7-card 21 and other “bad beats”? Have you ever thought “If I could bet against the dealer, I would own this place?” That’s exactly what online baccarat games allow you to do.

You can bet on the “player” to win or the “banker (bank) to win”. It’s a very simple game to learn. The rules are not even necessary to learn, because neither the banker nor the other players at the table can influence the outcome of any decision in any way. We will teach you the rules of the game because some dealers do make mistakes and you need to know if this is going to happen. These are the 5 main reasons why I play online baccarat as a professional gambler.

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