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If every online slot machine had a big red neon sign that said “Abandon hope all who enter”, the casino would probably still make most of its money from the slot machines. Online slot games are an easy way to pass the time. They have a lot in common with arcade games and games that you can play on your home computer. People just like to play simple games. However, Filipino online slot games cost money, so if you are going to play slots, you should follow some simple rules to help keep your feet on the ground.

1 – Choose games with high returns

All gambling games have complementary theoretical payback player and house advantage percentages. rtp + house advantage = 100%. The closer the game’s RTP is to 100, the closer the house advantage is to 0, which is a good thing. The theoretical payoff to the player is the percentage of all bets expected to be paid to the player over his lifetime. Conversely, the casino advantage is the lifetime expected percentage of all bets that the casino wants to keep as revenue.

Online slot games are known for paying very low RTP, but this is not always the case. Before you give up on an online slot game, check the theoretical payoffs it advertises. These percentages are usually displayed somewhere in the help screen system.

Slot game RTP can range from 60% to 98%, depending on the casino’s location, local and national laws, and the casino’s preferences. Despite the anxiety felt by many players, most casinos do not change the payback percentage of their games very often.

Some casinos publish different types of spending statistics. These statistics are usually printed on a plate or card that comes with the game and they will say something like “games pay 1:4 on average”. These ratios may be accurate, but they do not provide any information about RTP or house edge. If you are unsure of the RTP of a slot game, it is best not to play the game.

2 – Play with the highest denomination you can afford

Experienced Pnxbet online casino slot players in the Philippines have found that Pnxbet casinos set a more favorable RTP for the higher denomination versions of their online slot games. they can do this because they make more money per machine even if the house edge percentage is smaller.

This may seem counterintuitive, but casinos depend on two factors to make money: the casino advantage per game and the player’s errors of judgment.

Don’t be put off by experts who insist you must play the $5 or $20 versions of the game. If you can’t afford that much of a minimum bet, choose the denomination that fits your budget. If you are lucky and win a nice jackpot on a lower denomination slot game, you can upgrade to a higher denomination slot machine.

By the same token, if you are playing higher denomination games and not doing well, you can save your money by switching to a cheaper machine. Many players believe that changing the game will change their luck if they lose.

While the outcome of every online slot game is random, you should not decide to play low denomination or high denomination games. Carefully consider and choose the game that best fits your entertainment budget.

3 – When playing progressive online slots, always bet on the maximum

Opinions may differ on the merits of playing progressive online slot games, but everyone who understands how these games work agrees that you have to make a max bet. That’s because in order to qualify for that big progressive jackpot, you have to make a max bet. Many players win local jackpots or machine jackpots in progressive games because they don’t make max bets.

You may get 1,000 times your wager, but you will sit there looking at the progressive jackpot and asking yourself why you didn’t win the jackpot. The answer is always that you didn’t use the Max Bet button when you should have.

As mentioned above, only play progressive online slot games that you can afford. If the Max Bet scares you because you are not ready to play that machine. There is no shame in using a machine that you can play for hours without worrying about how much money you have.

4 – Avoid playing the second chance game

There are bonus rounds and second chance games. The difference is that the bonus round does not cost you anything. In the second chance games, you may lose your bets as well as any bets you just won. These games are not as popular as they used to be, but you will still find them in many of the older slot games.

Second chance games may involve betting on the picks you won in your last bet or rolling virtual dice. Let’s say you bet $10 and win $20. The light comes on to indicate that you can play the second chance game for $20. The payoff on second chance games is usually terrible. It can be “double or nothing” (meaning if you lose the second chance game, you lose your bet + winnings).

In reality, second chance games benefit the casino. It’s a sneaky way to change the outcome of the last normal spin – the spin you just won. You’re already risking your money – that’s the whole point of gambling – but stick to the base game and don’t accept any second chances. Your chances are always better in the base game.

5 – Choose the games you like to play

When you gamble, you want to win. But let’s be honest: most people leave with less money than they made. Instead of looking for games that will make you a big winner, look for games that will make you smile or feel good. You shouldn’t let your anxiety rise as you play because you are losing. The more relaxed you are when you play Philippine Pnxbet online slots, the better. And know when it’s time to quit.

6 – Stop playing if your money is broke

Casino ATMs may have warning stickers on them, but if you are reading them, it means you have lost all your money. You may be able to win it back, but the odds are against you. If you just want to kill some time spinning slots, play free online slot games at your favorite casino. They cost nothing, have all the bells and whistles, and you can relax without having to dip into your savings or next month’s mortgage.

7 – Select Gate 2 in the bonus game

Some games have multiple choice bonus games. You can choose between 20 free spins, or 15 free spins and an X2 multiplier, or 10 free spins and an X3 multiplier. Since you don’t know how many of the next 10-20 spins will pay out, compromise and choose the middle option. This is very close to the betting system of slot games.

The bonus rounds make these games even more interesting. You can sit back and watch the reels spin, knowing that it won’t cost you anything. In most cases, you win more money in the bonus spins. If it is important to you to feel that you have some control over the game, then choose games where the bonus round requires you to choose a combination of game conditions, rather than games where the bonus round starts with a selection screen.


Serious gamblers may brag that they never go near online slot games, but almost everyone plays them from time to time. If you have been telling yourself that there is no way to maximize your chances of winning at Pnxbet online slots, then now you need to consider something. Modern online slot games are more than just spinning the wheels. You don’t have enough options to develop real skills or strategies, but where you do have choices, you should make the wisest ones.

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