2022 What is the optimal volatility for online slots?


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To help you find the best volatility for Pnxbet online casino slots in the Philippines, this article will delve into the differences between the common online slots found in casinos. No matter how many online slot machines there are in all casinos around the world, they all have three different types of volatility. Slot machine volatility is an important factor that affects your odds of winning and the amount of cash you get back per slot machine win. To help you find the best volatility for your slots, this article will take a closer look at the differences between the common slot machines found in casinos.

What is Online Slot Volatility

You will often see low variance online slots around online casinos, and these online slots have dedicated sections. Others tend to tout the incredible payouts of their high variance online slots, including progressive games, but are less likely to reveal the volatility of these games.

Certain casinos may market their online slots in this way because volatility is a measure of the risk of the slots. Think about the roulette tables and the corresponding bets you can make. You have black/red and odd/even representing the lowest possible variants on the table. Medium variant roulette bets consist of columns, tens and double streets. The riskiest bets in roulette are the straight, street, split and row bets.

As you know, the low variance bets offer the least return, while the riskier bets can provide you with high returns for low stakes. Pnxbet Philippines online slots use the same principle when it comes to volatility. With game features and bonus payouts, all physical and online slot machine volatility at casinos will vary. Your chances of getting a favorable return depend on the risk-reward rate of the slot game you are playing.

High volatility online slot

When it comes to advertising games, high volatility online slots are a top priority for operators and casino managers because these games create the most action. Why do marketers want these online casino slots? Due to their incredible risk factor, these games have emptied customers’ funds. When you play these slots, there is a good chance that you will not see a return on your bets.

Why would anyone want to play high variance online slots? The payouts in these games can reach legendary amounts and may even exceed the national lottery prizes in some countries. Due to the high volatility, the progressive jackpots of some of the most popular slots can reach $10 million.

It is important to note that more than half of the high volatility games are not progressive online slots. play’n Go’s Muerto en Mictlan illustrates this point with its game features. When you get a match in the base game, you can randomly trigger a bet multiplier of up to x4.

After triggering the bonus feature, you can choose from four different modes. Each one has a different Will feature, including Sticky, Extended, Scatter and Moving Wild. Matching any scatter in one of your free spins can extend the bonus mode to another five free games.

Medium Volatility Line Slot

Medium volatility online slots offer the best of both worlds in terms of risk and expenses in the medium range. Over the course of an hour of play, you can expect to get a fairly large percentage of winning spins. Using medium variance rates, your bets may also pay off nicely.

It is important to note that there are two medium variance slots. If you want a game that will allow you to win most of your wins with a small outlay, you can find medium-low slots on the casino floor. Medium to high slots will increase the risk factor of the slot as well as the reward of placing a bet.

Almost all slot machine features offer medium volatility versions. As shown in games like Chilli Heat by Pragmatic Play, medium volatility slots are feature-rich and have progressive jackpots. In the free spins mode, all low-income symbols are removed to ensure that you get a higher payout on every win.

You can win any of the three jackpots by having six money symbols to trigger the money re-spin feature, which gives you three initial free spins. Whenever the money symbols fill a space, you will receive three more free spins. After the bonus mode, you will receive all the cash prizes on the symbols as well as the corresponding jackpot. Filling up the entire reel will award you with the Grande Jackpot bonus.

Low volatility online slot

People are not natural risk takers, so when offered a choice, they choose slots with lower rewards but lower risk. Low volatility online slots have a low risk factor and you will probably win most of your spins within an hour of playing the game. In exchange, you are likely to receive a low return on each winning bet.

Low volatility slots tend to have a sparse number of features compared to other games. However, this doesn’t mean that all low-stakes games don’t have bonus mechanics. kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest breaks the mold with its unusual reel structure, 576 ways to win and a large number of features.

Playtech Origins’ game features include the Owl Respins mode, which includes a sticky and moving Hundred symbol. Another is its Kingdoms Rise Shop, where you can collect tokens throughout your spins. These tokens can be redeemed for various game features. The best part is the three different progressive bonuses.

The best online slots volatility for you

Knowing that your goal is to find the right Philippine Pnxbet online slot machine volatility is worth it. High volatility slots are for both thrill seekers and those who are looking for huge returns despite the fact that their funds may be completely depleted.

For anyone who wants to enjoy online slots and expects a substantial return, medium volatility slots are for them. Given the risk factor that exists, it takes a while for customers to spend all their money on these titles, which makes them a good time killer for any visitor or tourist.

Those who want to avoid running out of all their money in a short period of time will enjoy the low volatility slots. Another reason to play such games is to complete the wagering requirements, which involve wagering your bonus points multiple times on qualifying games. Thanks to low volatility slots, you are likely to reach the required wagering amount without using too much of your bonus.

Your preference for the risk you are willing to take can help you find the best slot machine volatility. If you want a typical slot machine experience, medium volatility slots are the best choice for you.

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