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If you want to know why you keep losing money on online slots, then you must understand the common mistakes that online slot players make. And then, how to correct them. Almost everyone loses a large amount of money on online slot games at some point. However, others have yet to triple or double their money while playing online slots. Have you ever experienced a boring spell when playing online slots? Let us know the reasons why you keep losing on online slots and get you out of your slump.

5 Reasons Why You’re Failing at Online Slots in the Philippines

Here are the five most common reasons why some people lose money on Pnxbet online casino slots in the Philippines.

Disregarding the variance of the online slots

The variance or volatility of an online slot is a measure of how often you can expect to get winning combinations. In general, frequent wins pay lower amounts, while rare payouts tend to be larger. Slots in both land-based and online casinos have their own variance rates, which results in a wide range of risk vs. reward rates.

Have you spun the reels of a particular online slot machine and barely gotten any wins from the game? Your chances of playing online slots with high variance are high. The variance is a measure of the risk involved in the game and it also affects the return you get from a single win. Most high variance games contain progressive online slots that offer huge prizes for the extremely lucky risk takers.

You can avoid this by noting the variance of online slots and choosing machines with medium or moderately low volatility. Low variance slots are not recommended. Although you can get a lot of wins per spin, low variance games will reward you with a small bonus on each spin. Medium variance titles offer you a moderate amount of risk versus reward, and you can expect to make a substantial online slot payout on your wins.

Games without profit and loss limits

“Stop when you’re ahead” is a phrase that all Pnxbet online casino customers should be aware of. Even if you make thousands of dollars from online slot machine payouts, it doesn’t make any sense if you lose all of that by trying to increase your winnings.

It pays to set profit limits or the amount of winnings you plan to accumulate from Philippine Pnxbet online slots. This can help you find the right stopping point. Leaving a casino that has more money than your initial online slot money is always a sign of a winner.

Setting loss limits or expected money losses when playing online slots can also help alleviate this sense of regret. Customers tend to recover losses by using their credit cards to get more money, which makes losses more painful than ever. By setting money for online slots, you can reduce the psychological stress of losing at online slots.

Drinking while playing

Casinos in Las Vegas and California often have on-site staff and servers who will offer free drinks to patrons who post on the slot machines. Even in casinos that do not offer free alcohol, drinks are readily available to patrons of most brick-and-mortar gambling establishments.

Alcohol tends to make reluctant patrons let go of their spending limits, which is why intoxicated players may bet more money than they are comfortable having. It is not discouraging to enjoy free drinks from the casino or enjoy alcoholic beverages while playing the slots. However, it is worth knowing how much alcohol you can tolerate before you lose sight of the slot machine spending limit.

Play to earn compensation

This is understandable as you can get many attractive combinations with simple games such as limousines, free rooms, golf passes, casino cash back and much more. Most of these combinations are attractive to most people, and they are only a few hundred spins away from you.

Regardless of how they look, comps are not worth spending thousands of dollars on each online slot spin. Given the odds of getting a sizable return on your spins, you may be short of points or wagers to get the casino bonus rewards you want.

Ignore online slots casino bonuses

Having extra cash gives you more chances to win big. Fortunately, most gambling sites often offer extra cash to new and existing customers through online casino welcome bonuses.

New members of the site often miss out on these casino tournament bonuses because they make their first deposit without checking the minimum requirements for these promotions. Whenever you sign up for a casino, you need to check through their promotions page to see if you are eligible for any of their bonuses by depositing the minimum amount. If you happen to miss out on the welcome bonus, you still have plenty of opportunities to get extra online slot money through promotions for existing customers (such as reload bonuses).

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